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Maxing out

I am up to using a 35-pound plate when doing hyperextensions. I do three sets of 12. I am thinking that is all I want to do. I also think I am doing all I want for my abs. I still want to keep going up in weight on squats, dead lifts, arm, chest and back exercises as much as I can, but there are some exercises that I just want to be adequately strong to do. By that I mean get them strong enough to support me in my other exercises. Am I off on this kind of thinking? Are there other exercises that you all look at the same way?

I can’t see the logic here.

Your training logic will lead to a muscle imbalance which, in turn, will leave you suceptible to injury.

Okay, I’m going to go up to the 45 pound plate tomorrow. I’ve seen the light, and the light is heavy.