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Maxing Out On Bench


i really have never known the correct answer to this question. i get so many different answers from different people on this topic. when should you max out? should you max out just after ur warmup? should you max out after you do some 60% loads?


Are you a powerlifter?


Can't really speak for anyone else but I always tend to pyramid up towards my max(rarely do 1rm) its always worked for me.


im fairly new to lifting. ive been working out for a year and im bulking right now


Here's what I did my last ME day for bench.



Not to hijack the thread, but this is too much load beofre a 1rm type lift. Have you ever gotten 270 before? 265? If you've gotten 265 no reason to do it again. And obviously skip 260.

I would advise
135x10--if you can do 260-270 no reason to warm up with less.

Of course, do a brief warm-up and mayve some light shoulder presses or something. Don't waste so much of your time and energy on max day. Why do all of that volume when you are trying to see how strong you are.


Use a similar formula, but adjust for your weight. It works ok for me. I probably only go to ones 3-4 times a year though. I do not train competitively.


You really need to warm-up alot if you have big lifts.

bar x 5
95 x 5
115x 5
135x 3
155x 3
175x 3
195x 1
215x 1
225x 1

It really depends on how much you can lift, if you lift a lot, you need a lot more warm-ups.

You have to understand powerlifting to know the proper way to max out.

If you don't max out much then you really wouldn't know.


The guy said this was from a ME day and that's the classic Westside Maximum Effort type of approach. The volume of singles is part of the routine.

That's not what he'd use in a meet or when trying to test his 1RM. Or... at least... it shouldn't be.


I find that the extra volume actually helps me. If I add too mugh weight between sets I tend to miss lifts that I could normally complete.


So, you're looking to put on size, correct?

If so, fuck 1RM's. They are for powerlifters, whose entire sport is built around the 1 RM.

For everyone else, the 1RM is only working out your ego and a great way to get injured.

Stick to, at the most, triples.

Check out some of the programs on this site.


Exactly. but if you DO think you might want to look into powerlifting check out Westside for Skinny Bastards. Youll know a weekly 1RM.


Warm up a little, maybee 2 sets of 6 @ 50% of your previous max, then 60% for two,
70% for two,
80% for 1
90% for 1
95% for 1
100% for 1
Then throw on another 10 lbs. more and go for it.
Do the lower percentage of max lifts at an explosive speed. Get your c.n.s. ramped up for the challenge.

It is good to know your real one rep max, since most set/rep protocols are based on a percent of max.


no my reps arent 1 RM when im working out i do 3-4 reps. I want to know my max every once in awhile so i can make sure im doing the proper % of my loads.

right now im 167 lbs and my last max was 215. so i should do somthing like this:
110 lbs - 2 sets - 6 reps
130lbs - 2 reps
150 lbs - 2 reps
170 lbs - 2 reps
190 lbs - 1 rep
205 lbs - 1 rep
(max)215 - 1 time


Yup. Now give that a shot and let us know your new max. I'm betting you hit 225 quickly.
Also- If you haven't already practiced it, check out Cressey's' article on building a good bench press. Planting your feet and maintaining a tight arch will throw a few lbs. on your max like nothing else.
Have fun!