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MaximusB, Trojan Slaughter is Now!


Sorry brother, but there's no chance. How's it feel?

Let's dot this I tonight!

THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY is diggin the grave right now, any last words Maximus?






Yes I have something to say... there is a whole second half of football left to play. There is a grave being dug... but who will rest in it?


Count, tell Tressell I said thank you for sitting on his heels and allowing us to run the field against you in 40 seconds and giving us a field goal.


Max, yes there is an entire half to play. As it stands now we are tied up.....this is bad for you, where's that offense? You better go round up your troops.

or the mass grave will collect Trojan souls


he's a sick man, he just wants to give hope then snatch it away

you see there was ONLY a field goal


I would take a shot for every mistake USC makes, but I don't want alcohol poisoning.


That's not the way to start the half


a sack?
more holding?

damn that's a triple shot....


Fixed: I'm bored.






I'm not, I'm on my bro's roof at PHI KAPPA house yellin shit at people

I just have to post this shit cuz I remember Max was talkin shit a while ago

I'm mildly drunk




Nah... Really?


Rock keep drinking, the score won't change. You shot your load too early son. It was an ugly win but I will take it. Great game overall, even though we played shitty.


DAMN IT! You win Max. All glory be to the Trojans of USC

If anyone is in the city, look for the tie-die van....we need to party this taste out of our mouths

and in the morning I know I'll rise to a hangover some buff chick, and a thread full of you fucks laughin at me. Its what I deserve, I got too cocky.

At least I can take pride in Toledo and Cinnci laying their smackdown


Ohio's Deadman
Count Rockula

all teary eyed and wounded

van is parked on high, near phi kap...cant miss it



Rock, make no mistake, I am glad we won, but you guys played better. You were the better team tonight, there is no doubt in my mind about that. This was a classic game, 2 powerhouse teams battling to the end. Ohio State has proven they can play with any team in the country, if that was ever in question, it no longer is.


oh hel yea, classic it was. to the wire like it should be. Two legacies clashing, but to constantly lose in the face of the country......depressing, even by my standards.

nasty game

Good to see you're not gonna put it in my face. HAIL TROY


No way dude, I don't believe in rubbing anything in your face. Truth be told, you guys played better and deserved to win. Flat out truth. I think on the last drive, maybe you guys fell flat or just thought you had it in the bags.

I think Prior is the real deal, and I hope Tressel doesn't get too much shit for this. I think he is one of the best coaches in the NCAA. I know he will take the blame himself, but he is not responsible for guys dropping balls and missing blocks. You can play this game hard and still have class.


I grew up through High school with Dane and I can say he has always been awful. He caught osu's eye because of speed..just texted him that he sucks

IDK if coach will catch heat or prior, like you said they were n their jobs, the receivers, including dane are to blame if anyone is...everything was solid until the "finish line" came into view and we lossed focus.


I am kinda old school in my thinking, OSU deserved the win. They played harder and better. I feel like this is an undeserved win the USC. I am not thrilled with Barkley, I do like his guts on the last drive. I think he found his nutsack on those last 6 minutes. There could easily be a rematch in the Rose Bowl, you never know.