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Maximus Stack

i am 20 yrs old and have purchased halodrol 50, orastan e, and novadex xt after reccomendation. After researching side effects im having second thoughts.

Im looking for advice as to go through with it considering my age and no exp with prohormones or steroids. i plan on taking liver and joint support but am not very educated past that.

i weigh 190 with 14% bf and bench315, squat 425, and power clean 260 but im playing college football next season and ill do anything to accelerate strength gains bc my time for training is running out.

im an experienced lifter but new to this world. any advice is great! if i shouldnt take it then what is the safest alternative for maximal gains in short time? if i should what am i lacking and what can i expect?

Eat more protein and keep lifting. At your age I’d still not recommend gear. I’m not sure what kind of drug tests you’d be subjected to as well.

Whatever you do don’t do Deca. You’d be testing positive for nadrolone well into 2008