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Maximum Strength HOT-ROX

Ok, I wanted to give an honest evaluation of HOT-ROX (regular strength but with the A7E gel). First and foremost, when I originally took HOT-ROX and posted my comments on it, they were more negative than positive. 9 months later when reflecting on it, my thoughts are much positive towards it.

For example, when I cut w/ the old formulation of HOT-ROX it was the first time I was able to maintain a diet without cheat days, not to mention that I gained strength while on it. At the time I didn’t think HOT-ROX contributed to helping me though b/c I felt my diet and workout program were sufficient. Was I wrong.
I had originally tried it back in May. Flash forward to November. I had stopped training for 2 months, and had gotten slightly chubby so I decided to cut. This time I used nothing other than caffeine before a workout, and maybe 5x over a course of 5 weeks I took 12.5mg of Ephedrine HCL. I also followed a typical and very lousy Muscle and Fitness style workout. The results? I became scrawny and received a ton of bashing on the forums. My strength levels decreased and even though I dropped some weight I did not drop significant bodyfat as I did while taking HOT-ROX. Also, even though it’s no longer around, Red Bands was extremely impressive at ripping fat away (I’d evidence this fact with pictures, but I think I’ve posted).
Now onto a review of the new version of HOT-ROX with the A7E gel.
After reflection on all of this I decided to try out this new product with it’s “Fancy” delivery system that is too complex for most of us to understand.
Before I was convinced to bulk I had done it for two days. Feeling I had taken HOT-ROX before I started off with the maximun dose. WHOA! 2 caps had me on what felt like a “caffeine rush,” with a very noticeable appetite suppression (I took it before I went to all you can eat buffet, aka sweet tomatoes).I originally equated this with a 150-200 mg feel of caffeine, but after contacting Biotest and being told that it does not have this much I decided to lower the dosage the next time I took it. Well I started it again Sunday (about 6 weeks later). I only took 1 cap twice a day the first day and didn’t notice anything. Then I upped it to the reccomended dosage and on the second day about 30 minutes post-second dose I was sitting down at my computer and noticed that although I wasn’t thinking of food, I had an increased rate of salivation and a “warm feeling” in my mouth, sort of like what one feels when they’re getting nautious, but I didn’t feel sick. It was more like I had a “mild fever.”
So in summary on the new batch:

  1. I can notice an increase in body temperature while on this product
  2. It doesn’t make me as jittery (in fact it gives me no jitters) when compared to Red Bands.
  3. When compared to the original formulation of HOT-ROX, I would have to say it’s appetite suppression effects are not quite as strong (they wore off after the first few doses), but it has caused a stronger increase in my body temperature.
  4. As TC (I think) once stated, it’s an excellent idea to take HOT-ROX before a cheat meal b/c you’ll end up gouging less (I ate about half of what I normally do when I went out).
  5. Don’t take HOT-ROX before you go to a buffet if you want your money’s worth (I know this in contrast to point 4, but this is up to you).
    Oh, I forgot to point out something. The last time I was cutting, the weight-loss was not consistent. When I was taking HOT-ROX it was VERY consistent, 2lbs every week from start to finish, on the same caloric intake.