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Maximum Strength HOT-ROX Questions

I recently bought some Maximum Strenght HOT-ROX and noticed some unexpected effects. First, the headaches that I’ve had for years disappeared. Second, it appears to have mood-altering effects; it seems to reduce my anxiety and improve my mood. I believe that it is the caffeine that causes both of these effects, but I am unsure.

  1. How much caffeine (mg) is in a 4-pill dose of Maximum Strength HOT-ROX? It has at least as much potency as 130 mg of caffeine in terms of preventing my headaches.

  2. Does HOT-ROX alter seratonin or other neurotransmitter chemistry? I have heard that HTP-5 does, but also that no versions of HOT-ROX contain this chemical.

  3. I have found that I tolerate the maximum dosage of Maximum Strength HOT-ROX well. Does that generally mean that I could take HOT-ROX Extreme without any problems? Are the stimulant effects of HOT-ROX Extreme significantly greater than Maximum Strength HOT-ROX?