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Maximum Strength (God Knows I Need It)

Hey guys, Im 17 and have been fucking around in the gym for about 2 years now. I have never eaten properly and trained like shit. Mostly bodybuilding type stuff, never increased my strength much. over the past couple of months I have really started doing some research on diet and training. I bought Eric Cressey’s maximum strength about a month ago and read it from cover to cover, great book.

I think i am ready to give it a shot, i would really like to gain some strength. I have my diet down and just need to get my ass training properly. I am away from home right now so will need to start tomorrow, which is a Tuesday. Tomorrow i will find my 1rm’s to give you guys an idea of how weak i am :(. Please dont flame, i would rather just get constructive criticism and advice.

I will train this week Tu/wed/Fri/Sat but normally i will train Mon/Wed/Fri/Sat. I will post all my stats and 1rm’s tomorrow! Thanks guys and wish me luck !

Sweet. I’m starting phase 4 on friday.

I just began this today. Took down my packing day lifts. Best of luck.

I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the results you’ll get.

Back Flips are Way Cool. How weak can you be if you can do a Back Flip?

Hey Guys thank you for all the support!

[quote]FightingScott wrote:
Back Flips are Way Cool. How weak can you be if you can do a Back Flip?[/quote]

Answer is pretty damn weak. I used to do alot of freerunning and bodyweight stuff. Pullups, handstand pushups, and backflips lol. The result is 2 bad knees, and no strength lol.

So my Stats…

Height:6’0 (skinny bastard eh?)

3 Rep chinup: BW+60 Lbs
Bench Press:175lbs (ouch)
Squat: 205lbs (double ouch)

3rep chin: BW+90
Bench: Anywhere over 200 will impress me
Squat:250lbs :o
Dead: 295 :o:O

I set my goals high if i dont achieve them in the 16 weeks hopefull i will in the next 16 weeks :slight_smile:

I havent done the workout yet tonight, i thought i would give my body a little rest after testing 1rm’s. I will be going tonight at 6. Thanks guys


I’d try starting strength first.

Ive looked at starting strength, it is pretty basic. Kind of just introducing you to the lifts and stuff. I would much rather do this, i have good form with the lifts and there is no changing my mind. Thanks for the input though.

i would think a backflip would need more flexibility then strength.

some explosive strength though; to get off the ground high enough to…on wait your doing it onto a lower area…less strength would be needed. :wink:

good luck though man, that Cressey fellow really knows a thing or two!

Yeah not alot of strength needed, more plyometrics :wink: Okay so another one of my side goals is to gain some good healthy weight :). Im sitting at 160 right, really skinny for my height. My goal is to get up to about 180 by the end of the 4 months. I will upload some pics of me soon.


My back



Squat 5x4-185lbs
Speed Dead 8x2-125lbs (50% 1rm)
Dumbbell Lunges 4x8-40lb DB’s

A1 Reverse Crunches-3x12
A2 Pronated Bridge 3x30s

All went good, dumbbell lunges killed me. Oh, how long should i rest in between speed deads? 2-3 mins seemed too long.

Thanks, Backflip

As I recall the DB Lunges are 4x8?

Good first W/O tho!

Yeah 4x8 per side, so a total of 16 :wink:

I guess that is worded a little weird I will change it.

Well best of luck. I’m on the last phase of Maximum Strength now. You should annihilate those goals.

Rested for 1 minute on my speed deadlifts.

Rested 1 min on the lunges (hardest part was holding onto them by the last set)

[quote]duffyj2 wrote:
Well best of luck. I’m on the last phase of Maximum Strength now. You should annihilate those goals.[/quote]

Thanks man


A.Bench Press 5x4- 135lbsx3sets, 140lbsx2sets
B1.Incline DB Press 3x10- 45lb DB’s
B2.Pronated Cable Rows 4x10- 120lbs
C1.Prone Trap Raise 3x12- 15 lb DB’s
C2.Lying External Rotation 3x12- 10lb DB’s
D.Side Bridge 3x30s/side

Good workout overall. Bench Press needed to be increased. I found the weight to light, same with incline DB press. Its my first upper-body day so im still figuring out poundages. Probably go a little lighter on the trap raises,ouch.

You really shouldn’t post the whole workout…

Maybe do
A 135 140
B1 45
B2 120

Or just post how you feel and stats.

Also, this probably isn’t the workout to gain 20lbs, but unless you have a really, really specific reason to do so, I’d stick with this program.

Good luck!