maximum size newbie

I am not able to perform the suggested reps for chins and possibly dips. I was planning on doings as many as I can in good form and then do negative to hit the number or reps. Or is it better to use as assist machine. Any suggestions.

I can not afford to buy Surge at the moment. What would be a good substitute for a postworkout recovery drink?


There has been alot of discussions on this forum about Surge alternatives. Perform a search for “post workout drinks”, or even “Surge”.

Regarding chins (I prefer to call them pullups, since technically you’re pulling your upper chest to the bar, not our chin) and dips: If you can perform 3 to 5 with good form in your first set, then do. If your rep scheme then looks like this: 5,3,2,1 - that’s fine.

Negatives will also help (as you said yourself). You can either perform a set or two of just negatives or do as you say: end the set with negatives.

watch out for too many negatives as they put alot of stress on your CNS…Pat is right do a search for surge alt`s…try some protein powder(hyrdo if possible),with some maltodextin,and or some powdered gatorade…Glutamine is nice in this shake as well to help your recover from all those negatives!!