Maximum 'Sets' During Rest-Pause

Scott, (or anyone who knows)

when doing biceps last, I hit 10 reps for the main body of the set, then went out with a bang to the tune of: 4,3,2,1. Now DC mandates 20-30 reps for arms. But, I’ve not come across anything on how many rest-pause’s that must take. I see that 3 is average, but wanted to know what Dante suggests in the above scenario.

When I hit failure on the first cluster of reps, I fizzle rapidly.


Sorry bout that. Meant to put this in the actual DC thread.


I’ve never trained DC, so feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.

From the little I’ve read, exercises that are rest-paused are done with 3 total sets. 1 initial, and then the two RP sets. The rep ranges are general ideas of where you want your total reps to fall after you’ve completed that.

And you’re supposed to be able to do a lot less after the first set. 8,2,1 wouldn’t be too atypical I believe.

I’m sure someone who knows more can answer your question better.

Standard DC rest pause: You get 3 failure points. (example: You may get 11+6+3 = 20RP, that’s about the highest I’ll go on most bicep movements)

You can use the 12-20 RP range for bicep movements just as well… Depends on your preferences. Older guys might want to go with 15-30RP though.

Using more than 3 failure points doesn’t do much imo, except for cutting into your recovery.

[quote]DH wrote:

When I hit failure on the first cluster of reps, I fizzle rapidly.

Consider extending your breaks to 20 breaths for a while rather than 15…