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Maximum Results Routine For A TRT Starter?

Hey everyone hope you’re all doing well today.

I have a question and I’d appreciate any suggestions you have.

I’d been working out solid for the past two years and really not gained any muscle really despite pushing quite hard in the gym.

I’d tried eating a big calorie surplus, the gomad diet and a whole host of other things to increase my size but I only ever gained a little.

Long story short I found out I had a mixture of primary and secondary hypogonadism and have just been started on trt.

My current workout is a full body workout 3 X per week, I’d like to know if this is still ok or if there is a better routine which will help me make the most of my newly elevated test levels and potentially give me the new lifter gains that most people get.

I have access to both free weights and machines at my gym and also (don’t laugh) a bowflex Xtreme 2 at home along with a pull up bar.

I can only really go to the actual gym 3 times per week but I can use the bowflex and pull up bar whenever I want.

Any routine suggestions would be great. Also there isn’t an ounce of fat on my body apart from a little bit on my mid section of that makes any difference, I’m basically toned and thin.

Thank you all in advance.



Haha, have I just opened up a can of worms here or something because if I have I’d rather not have the agro and I’ll just delete my thread and replies.

Just looking for honest suggestions, it might not even help much anyway I’m only on 125mg of sustanon a week which is literally to get me within normal range however if it does and I benefit from it I would like to take advantage obviously.

It’s mainly to alleviate the horrible mood and libido related symptoms, thanks for getting in here early to enjoy the (I’m assuming) impending anal raping coming my way haha


Go jump over to the beginner section, @isdatnutty posted up an awesome program design
Go follow that for the next year, and eat a healthy diet

Thank you mate I’ll go and take a look now, any way to close this thread?

No mate, no need too
Im sure some people will chime in with their own 2 cents, and hopefully some advice that will be offered somehow helps you

Have you started a training log on here yet?
Might be a wise tool to use, if you follow a program too a tee and keep active and healthy, a training log will be a great tool to track progression over a period of time :+1:

Thanks again mate, I haven’t started a log at all still finding my way around the forum to be honest.

I’ve just moved house and only have mobile access until the broadband stitches on the 16th I can’t even figure out how to quote yet haha

As soon as I get my pc up and running and have full access I’ll get more deeper involved.

Thanks again for your time.

Too easy man, im assuming by some key words in your reply and by your reply time, youre an aussie?

No I’m in the UK mate, Liverpool specifically it’s 11.20am here. I’ve got family in Australia (Bunbury) though, I’ve always wanted to go but the flights are too expensive (wife and 5 kids).

It’s gym day today, I do Monday, Wednesday, Friday so I thought I’d see if there was anything else more suitable to start today.

Read through a couple chunks of this thread…

If really talking “maximum” then run through tough programs off this site, start with this…

If must stick to 3 days, alternate doggcrap 8-10 weeks at a time with a classic 5x5 template

Diet: one day a week do this