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Maximum Potential

Hey guys,
First time post here, I wanted to get an answer on a question I have, which I’m sure everyone has had or heard at some point in their time here.

I’m 5’10", currently 190 lbs lean, at 8% bf. I’m natty, and have reached a major plateau. I’m talking, I’ve been working at getting bigger than I am now for months. I’ve done almost everything I can think of. But nothing seems to work. Given my current situation, what I want to know is what my maximum potential is. I’ve read that I’m pretty much there, but at 21 years old, I’ll be damned if that’s my maximum potential.

Can anyone shed any light on how to figure out your maximum potential, and how to beat it naturally? It’s been a long and rewarding road to get here, but I can’t imagine this is it. I’ve still got a lot to learn, so go easy on me.

Thanks in advance.

Some experienced people are going to take your stats with a grain of salt.
mostly the 8% BF. May I asked how you measured it? Or is it a simple guess?

Honestly it is impossible to know for certain… tons of factors play into it.
May i ask how long you have been lifting?

Bingo. If you’re actually carrying 190# on a 5’10" frame at only 8% BF, congrats–you are one hella big and ripped dude. I say that because, this is what 195# at about 8% looks like on someone 3 inches taller than you:



Good questions. I’ve been lifting since I was about 15, but only seriously for about a year and a half.

Bf was measured via one of the handheld scanner things. Not too sure that it’s 100% accurate, but it was 8.59% if I remember correctly.

those are completely inaccurate.

Well fuck.

Sorry Bud …hate being the bearer of bad news.

Loads of ways to progress, Over the course of the year run through some proven templates as below…
also read through a bunch of articles especially a few by Jim wendler and Dan John.

What are your goals exactly? Hitting your potential will come at different times depending on certain goals. Most natural bodybuilders don’t hit their top condition and shape until they’re in their 30s/40s, boxers will be in their early 30s or late 20s, powerlifters range between late 30s and even wary 50s in some cases, etc. After only lifting seriously for a year and half, you are hardly close to your max potential. What are your current maxes, physique measurements, resting heart rate, fastest mile, highest vertical/broad jump, whatever your goals are oriented to? Also, remember that if your goals switch mid-life, that’s another opportunity To hit your max potential for that said goal. Just keep chugging along and trying new things brother. And throw away that handheld BF test. Fuck those things.

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