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Maximum Possible Weight


Does anyone out there know if it is possible to estimate how much weight you can possibly put on given your genetics, or is there essentially no ceiling? I'm asking because I started as (probably) the thinnest guys on here at 5'10" 110 lbs. I started working out using all pro's beginner routine and eating a calorie surplus and I've gained 21 pounds in less then 4 months.

So I'm at 131lbs right now. I want to eventually get to 165lbs bf%10-15ish. Is it possible for anyone to get to 165? I've saw some site say that its only possible to gain about 40lbs above your natural weight, but I don't know if that is right. Anyone know?


I've heard something of the sort myself. I've put on about 30LBS in the last year though and i'm positive that i'm nowhere near my limit. I don't think it's something we should worry about because it's just going to limit you in your goals. Just keep eating and lifting brah


dood. you don't even know what your genetics are amirite?

what you talking about??

how many calories do i need to take in for how long to figure my 'natural weight'??


only one way to find out.
try and see.
try harder.





just thought you should know


It's completely fucking impossible.


Thanks for a quick response. I'm not really too worried about it I just wanted to know because I'm trying to enhance my knowledge of the human body so that I can be a more intelligent lifter. I guess some people think that's trolling?

By "natural weight," I guess the author of the website meant the weight you are at before you attempt any diet or exercise.

By "is it possible for anyone to get to 165?" what I meant was "is it possible that anyone couldn't based on genetics?" I thought that was obvious from the post, but there you go.


How old are you?


Why do you need to worry about genetic potential when you're at 131 pounds? There is no such thing as natural weight, as your weight fluctuates based on what you've been fed, as a normal healthy baby can turn into an obese teenager later on because his/her parents decided to feed whatever junk they had to their baby. Don't worry about your genetic potential and filling your head up with useless worries. It'll only get in the way of your progress.


Basically this.

However, if this is anything other than a teenager, then we have an eating disorder on our hands most likely.


Hey Prof X, I remember seeing a picture of you at probably lower than 131 pounds. Do you think you'll ever get to 165?

Edit: I should've said 'not too far from 110 pounds" after re-reading the OP... but you get the idea


Just thought I'd mention that this isn't necessarily a troll:

I am completely serious: when I was really into running during ugrad, the conventional wisdom as I understood it was that if you weighed in at more than 2 pounds/inch of height, you were overweight.


Dude, I weighed all of 85lbs in the 8th grade on my way to high school. By graduation, I had literally worked hard to get to 150lbs. Weight gainers were used to hit that weight so yeah, I have a clue what it is like to be skinny.

Bottom line, no one is going to know how big you can get unless you have a twin brother in the Olympia....but I know for sure MOST PEOPLE ON THE PLANET aren't anywhere near their "limit".


Are you a male or female?




178cm and weighing 75kg.... you are no where near any sort of 'limit'.

Has hard work become too hard?

Fuck. Me.


85 to 150? Natural? Were you functional?


that's crazy man. i weigh 100lbs more than you. waylander weighs almost 200 more.


Talk of "natural weight" is misleading. Many people chronically undereat without realizing it. That's not a result of genes and it's not your natural weight. For example, if you think you've topped out your genetic limit by gaining 50 Ibs of mass and you were 25Ibs under your natural weight to begin with, then half of the mass gained has brought you to what should've been your beginning weight.

I fully believe that bodyweight set points work both ways.