Maximum Overload Training for Growth

Paul I’ve followed Max-OT training by Paul Delia and popularized by 6 time national champion drug free bodybuilders Skip Lacour and Jeff Willet.

Not sure if you are familiar with it. But it is overloading the muscle in the 4 to 6 rep range with all exercises with doing a total of 6 to 9 sets per muscle group.

An example shoulder and triceps day would look like this:
Barbell shoulder press - 3x4-6 reps
DB Press - 2x4-6 reps
Raises - 2x4-6 reps

Extensions - 3x4-6 reps
Pushdowns - 2x4-6 reps

All of these sets are with a two to three minute rest between sets to fully recover. If I’m pressed for time what would this be like if I rest paused these weights so instead of doing 3 sets of shoulder press just do one rest pause set where I still reach failure three times. Do you have any input on this if you have time to answer I would appreciate it.

Thank you

I did that years and years ago. REALLY hard on the connective tissue after a while because it’s brutally heavy. I don’t think that progressive overload is the greatest driver for growth so if it’s hypertrophy you’re after I personally think there’s a better way. What I would do personally with this, is pick one main movement and use the max-ot method of 2-3 sets / 4-6 reps, then use higher reps with everything else after that. Something like 10-12 reps with the next movement and then a movement with 20-30 reps as well.

Thank you! Could I rest pause some stuff after the main lift on higher reps? So on a Bench day…

Bench- 2x 4 to 6 reps
DB Incline- 1x8 to 10 rest pause
Raises- 350 method
Extensions- 1x10-12 reps rest pause

Something like that?

Sure, that works. Point is, there’s nothing magical about the 4-6 rep range no matter what those guys tell people.

Ok thank you!