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Maximum Muscle


I've just finished reading a book from Matthew Perryman. Maximum Muscle The Science of Intelligent Physique Training, I think everyone but mostly all beginners should read it.

It's just a little bit more of 200 pages, he explain how the muscle could be bigger, explain how you should train depend if you like more pure strengh or size.


i cant be assed to buy it, could you copy/paste it here?


sorry, I don't know why the link was removed
here the link: www.ampedtraining.com/maximum-muscle


Basically here the points a beginner should focus:

1-Get Stronger
2-Do enough work
3-Train for your Goals
4-Recover Properly

When I say 'Recover Properly' I include Eat enough.

Instead of trying to complicate things or thinking that getting getting more muscular is complicated, you just need to do it and think it simply. You just need to be patient, you have so much time ahead of you