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Maximum Milliliters Injected?


Whats the maximum ml's that can be injected at once into the glutes without causing any inconveniences?

Salute, M


It depends on the person. Some more experienced users can inject massive amount even into small muscle groups (biceps). How many cycles have you ran?

I would just split up the does to be on the safe side…no need to have unnecessary pain.


The maximum depot recommended by the ‘medical community’ is apparently 2ml.

More than that and you risk sterile abscess.

This is not to say you cannot inject more, as you clearly can.

WRT Game Time’s post, this is based purely on the tolerance of the muscle to accept volumes without pain, which tends to increase with practice.
I am not sure what the common belief of this is, but i personally consider it to be the stretching of the muscle fascia (from within) which at first causes quite some discomfort, but over time is painless.

I personally never go above 1ml in small muscles like the arm sites and never go over 2ml in larger muscles like the gluteal site.
his is not to say i have never or cannot, but i simply do not see the need to inject large volumes in one area when i have around 15 or so different sites to use…