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Maximum Lean Mass Gain

There’s this personal trainer on YT that
is very popular


He says that you can only put on a pound a week of muscles. Maximum.
Is it true ?

A pound a week?

52 pounds a year???

Not gonna happen.

No one can make a statement like that. Your body grows in spurts. I know for a fact I have gained 5lbs in a weekend after gaining much much slower for months before that. You can’t predict when your body will grow the most. That is why those restricting their food intake or those who are trying to “lose fat and gain muscle” at the same time will always make LESS gains in muscle mass than someone providing their body with everything it needs to grow at all times.

I would rather be the guy who was ready, eating what I needed to and growing when my body was ready…than the guy who makes little to no progress because he thinks he can “slowly” add muscle at will.

[quote]Professor X wrote:
<<< Your body grows in spurts. >>>[/quote]

I also know for a fact that this is true and it goes for strength too. Just recently I went from being somewhat stuck in several lifts and then one week was able to substantially surpass previous working loads, practically by accident. I just could lift more and have seen noticeable size follow as well.

I gained three pounds last week, after several weeks with no gains.