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Maximum Fat Loss

I haven’t been here in awhile and have been going through searches for nearly 3 hours now.
What is the current version of the fat fast diet out there?
Is it still the original version as it was posted in Testosterone magazine? I know there have to be modifications at this point with the advent of Mag10 (even though it won’t be here much longer).

To sum everything up, what is the best current maximum fat loss diet?

And please don’t make me search anymore.

try the t-dawg 2.0 diet if you would like to keep the muscle you have

If it’s quick weight-loss only without concern for maintaining muscle, try Duchaine’s “Body Opus” diet. There are several updates available on the Internet so you should do a search. Pay close attention to the emphasis on AM body temps and heart rates.
When I went on the Body Opus diet in 1997 for the Fitness-For-Life contest, I lost fat like butter melting in a microwave but I also lost muscle bulk. It really is a fine line…

A fine line is right.

I can deal with not gaining muscle while cutting.
(Like so many hope to do.)

And I could sacrifice a little bit of muscle mass, but I don’t want to sacrifice hard earned muscle gains.

Which diet (without taking steroids) will maximize fat loss, without losing a bunch of muscle.

Where is the line?
Which diet?

If you can stick to it, I do recommend the fat fast from my recent personal experience. I lost 11 pounds or so in two weeks, and while much of it may have been water, and i did not get my bodyfat percent checked, I am inclined to believe it was mostly fat, as my jeans are now about two inches looser, my strength, which was temporarily down a bit during the diet, is back up to where I started, and I look ripped as hell–for some reason my arms and chest seemed to get the most ripped, but now my abs are a lot more defined.

I could only stick to the diet for two weeks, but I am glad I did it, and, the first day I quit, I ate all the protein and fat I wanted, and got a little bloated, but then after that I have gone to a moderate diet, and that is easy now, whereas before the fat fast, I was addicted to taco bell and mcdonalds. With regard to your question as to how to do the fat fast, I ate a little sugar free metamucil or lettuce each day, and I had 4 0r 5 whey shakes and 4 or 5 teasons of flax oil each day. The second day was hell for me, and I felt like I was dying, and driving seemed extremely dangerous, and each day after that I would go through like 30 min. of craving for food here or there, but it was not that bad. I also trained pretty hard during the diet, which I think eventually lead to my temporary strength loss, and encouraged me to quit the diet. Also, on the day after I quit the diet, I took a lot of ibeproffen in addition to pork skins, and I swelled up with a huge ammount of water and was worried for a while–seriously, I stepped onto a scale and was 8 pounds heavier than 12 hoours earlier, and my stomach was protruding, and walking felt cool as my feet and ankles were so swollen it was like walking on pads. But it was water and it went away after a day.