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Maximizing the Benefits of Androderm Patch?

Approximately 6 years ago, my doctor put me on the Androderm patch because my test number was in the low 200’s. I never really had any testing done afterwards to see how being on the patch affected my #. But over the next 5 years, I was on and off the patch due to changes in insurance and physician. So I was never on it for more than about 3 months at a time.

For my 2015, 2016, and 2017 yearly physicals, my test number was around 500. Again, not consistently on the patch. But whenever I was on the patch short term, I noticed a dramatic improvement in my mood, memory, and clarity of thinking. I’ve always suffered from depression and just a general “foggy” state of mind. So at my 2017 physical in January, my new doctor put me back on the patch and I was able to stay on it for an entire year. At my 2018 physical, my # had dropped to 299. So I do a little research and learn that my own test production shuts down while on the patch.

Now during the past year, I felt amazing. Great mood, great memory, just the best I’ve ever felt mentally and emotionally. But about 6 months into the use of the patch, my sex drive became non-existent and I couldn’t maintain an erection for longer than about 30 seconds. I just assumed it was because I am 46 years old and was a natural part of aging. But when I got my low test # back at my 2018 physical and did some research, I realized that my sex drive and erection problems were most likely caused by the patch.

So now I’ve been off the patch for about 5 weeks. My sex drive has slowly returned, as well as my erections. But I also feel like shit again. Depressed, tired, groggy, can’t remember anything. I feel like I need to be on the patch to feel good, but I can’t let it affect my sex life. During my research on the forums, it sounds like I need to be on HCG and Arimidex. Is it as simple as that? And if so, do I need to stay off the patch a while longer to allow my natural system to get back up to speed? When I discussed these issues with my doctor, he said he could refer me to the in-house endo. If I can’t get a prescription for HCG and Arimidex, what are my options? Not looking to pin gear……

You need to share your labs with us with ranges. It’s possible that your estrogen what out of range affecting you.

I’m confused, you went on the patch because your natural production is too low and you keep going on and off the patch. What’s likely happening is you’re not absorbing the patch well enough anymore, it’s not the patch, it’s you.

It’s quite common for absorption rates to drop after a while, months, years down the line. I’m surprised you doctor didn’t put you on injections, the most effective form of TRT. You’ve been dealing with an ignorant doctor this whole time and it’s about time you cut him loose.

Just realize you’re in for a rude awakening as most endo’s are completely incompetent when it comes TRT which is why you were given patches, patches are the least desirable form of TRT. HCG and Arimidex most likely won’t do it alone.

You won’t find anyone here on patches, period. 500 ng/dL is barley good enough for most men, I don’t think you really have experienced optimal testosterone levels on these patches. I had just read a study showing numerous differences between injections and transdermals, injections produced significantly higher muscle mass and just a higher percentage of improvements to overall health.

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Here are my last 3 labs. January 2018 results are after 1 year of consistent patch use.

SystemLord, I’ve had 4 PCP’s in the last 6 years because of moving due to my job. So it’s more on me than the doctor. I’ve just been trying to get re-upped on the patch each time I moved because of how much better I felt on it. This past year, however, was the first time I had consistent use for more than 3 months.


Most experience hormone specialists wouldn’t settle for those mediocre levels, for all we know you were designed to operate at a higher level of testosterone.

Clinics are starting to offer TRT to those with levels below 550 ng/dL, you need to be aware of the diseases associated with lower levels of testosterone and take your health a little more serious. When you start TRT it’s for life, you don’t stop ever for any reason.

Typically 50mg twice weekly will get a guy above midrange to high normal testosterone levels which is where most are happy, SHBG levels will largely determine how many injections per week you require.

A comparison Trump is at 446 ng/dL and he’s 72 years old. Where are your pre-TRT labs that got you TRT? You might want to do thyroid labs as well, TRT will stop working if thyroid hormone drop. Have a look at our thyroid sticky.

How did you get that info ???

Ok I googled it. Well that’s depressing a 72 year old has twice what I had…

It definitely puts things into perspective. You’re going to continue to lose your testosterone as you age, your tank is less than half full. Why do you think older men have the highest heart attacks, low T for decades causes all sorts of nazy diseases.