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Maximizing T for Muscle Growth


Roids scare me.. I don't feel comfortable with it. Maybe if it was a very mild variant.

I'm looking for a supplement(s), gel, cream, pills ++ that can increase my T-levels, and is available within EU.

I don't think I struggle with low T-levels. But I want to maximize training-results.

What are some good supplements without long-term side-effects? And am I stupid for asking this?

I know I might seem a bit ignorant, but it seems like there is just too much contradiction info around, I don't want to do anything (too) reckless, and I don't know where to start.



Biotest’s Alpha Male here is very solid.


[quote]RockOut wrote:

I don’t think I struggle with low T-levels. But I want to maximize training-results.


In another thread, Bill Roberts (a man you should listen to) mentioned that natural test boosters, and even injected testosterone, don’t do a whole lot for muscle gain. I’ll see if I can find a direct link…


Well, injected testosterone at low amounts.

This is why for many years, there were many scientific studies showing that anabolic steroid use did not improve muscle mass or aid athletic performance. They studied low doses, which usually do not do much in these regards, and are too inconsistent to give statistically significant results in small studies.

Dosing such as used today by most interested in muscle gain is typically at least 500 mg/week. Injected testosterone at that level certainly does a lot for muscle gain, but doesn’t sound like what the OP wants.

(I do expected that by injected teststerone, you were meaning small amounts rather than bodybuilding amounts.)

Indeed I do find that testosterone boosters aren’t much for muscle gain. I recommend Alpha Male for feeling better, and perhaps lifting better as a result of that feeling, or perfoming better in other ways, rather than for direct anabolic effect.

For the OP I would suggest that following the best training and dietary advice is generally the best way to improve results outside of supplementation, and for supplementation the first thing to look at really is workout nutrition. If you do feel symptoms of low testosterone such as lack of libido, Alpha Male might be an excellent supplement for you.


Thanks, lots of good answers.

If I where to reconsider the injected steroids then, how could I find a good source within EU? It seems the internet is just scam-sites, or shady sources over here. Any recommendations?


Before you hit the needle look into some of the strategies here, especially high vit D/zinc/DAA combo…

Some good Ostarine/natural PCT products also come out in last year or two…


How developed are you? Are you carrying a lot of muscle or are you just impatient to have your newbie musclular gains? Do you have a picture of your physique?

What does your training and diet look like?

How will you benefit from gaining more than you can naturally?