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Maximizing Rest/Training for Rotating-Shifts Work?

After reading a lot of years this website and forums, I decided to register to get some help for maximizing the rest.

I train 5 times per week atm, strength oriented, incresed my PR in 15-20 kgs in the last couple of months. Great results

The nutrition is bulking oriented, Im getting some fatty, but that isnt the problem, because it isnt the goal atm.

Im a Police Officer in my country, the shifts are:

  • Afternoon shift: 14.00 PM to 22.00 PM
  • Morning shift 06.00 AM to 14.00 PM
  • Double turn shift: From 06.00 AM to 14.00 and from 22.00 to 06.00 AM
  • Night from 22.00 to 06.00 AM (doing only nights it isnt frequent)

Normally I work 3 days and rest 3, and the cadence is: Afternoon - Morning - Double Shift

So after a double shift I rest 3 days.

The thing is the day I make Double shift Im totally off from workout, only sleep and rest and the day after (I arrive home at 06.00 AM and go to sleep) I spend whole morning sleeping so my meals and nutrition goes crazy those days and even sleeping whole morning, sometimes I go to workout in the afternoon and feel ultra tired.

I would like to hear some recomendations about this, about maximize my rest specially the days of double shift and the the day after…

I take multi-vitamins every morning and the typical supplements: protein, bcaas, pre-workout, rice-cream…


With your 3 rest days id definitely chillax on the first day as you will be jetlagged and hungover. Maybe some type of split on your 2nd and 3rd day off and during your working week pick the best time to train, i found when going from an arvo shift to night shift you can fit a workout in, maybe sometype of abbreviated fully body routine.
On your night shifts make sure your you have a couple of good meals on shift and stay hydrated. For me i neglected eating and hydration part and would get home exhausted and sleep for 2hrs and wake up with headaches etc. The regular food and drinking on shift helped me recover better. As a shift worker your always pushing shit up hill in the recovery department. Makes u realise how important sleep is.

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At a glance I’d say the only time when recovery might be an issue is during your double shifts. I’d probably go with avoiding training during your doubles.

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I’m a little confused about your schedule. Do you work 1400-2200 one day, 0600-1400 the next, and then have a day off before the overnight or you are off for 8 hours and come back for the 2200-0600 shift? For example:

Monday: 1400-2200
Tuesday: 0600-1400
Tuesday: 2200-0600
Wednesday: 2200-0600

For police it’s best to train the hardest on your first day off so you have maximum time to recover before going back to work. It’s not a big deal for upper body lifts but doing a massive squat session the day before you return to work can decrease your performance at work.

I’m wait to hear back about your schedule to make any further suggestions.