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Maximizing Post Contest Growth


Hello there Iron Brothers (and any Sisters wanting to input here)

I've got a contest in two weeks and I wanted to know what others have done here to maximize growth post contest. Everything up to the contest is taken care of and just needs to be followed so I am kinds on cruise control now. Kinda; still a week of busting my ass.

As most know, post contest is the best time to grow cos if all was done proper you're shredded, as insulin sensitive as can possibly be and who isn't wanting to increase their food intake from the reduced cal intake one has been sucking away for the past 12-16 weeks.

Now with the luxury of having the Anaconda/MAG-10 dynamic duo to utilize along with other quality supps here and high powered vitamins some use in bodybuilding I would like to know what y'all have to say about growing like a weed doused in fertilizer.

So please, if you like to put your two cents in let's have a quality discussion on taking advantage of the post contest window.

If anyone is wondering, I'll be competing in light heavy in exactly 13 days. As much as I am looking forward to doing well at the show I am just as excited as capitalizing on this growth window.

Thanks in advance guys.


I'm competing on the 13th also, good luck!

I'm just going to eat 360-400g carbs, 100g fat, and a bit over 1g/lb of protein. Simple and straightforward and always does the job!

If only I had the luxury of ANACONDA and MAG-10, going to keep killing my whey and fish oil over here lol!

Which programs are you looking at, I was considering 5/3/1 training but now I'm leaning heavily towards CT's Beast Building.


Both of you guys look shredded! Good luck competing.

After your contest, I'd slowly start reintroducing red meat as a 500 calorie surplus to your diet. I prepped for a contest back in mid oct but had to cancel because of some deaths in the family, but red meat is the way to go. And lots of anaconda lol.


Thanks for the comment Sarevok! I'm still hitting 8oz of 94% lean angus with broccoli each night, it really gives me a meal to look forward to while I'm grinding out interval training.


Good luck to you as well man. What show and what category you entering into?
Sounds like a good caloric surplus man. I'm not sure what I'll do training wise. I probably won't lift super heavy off the bat, let the joints fill up some for cushioning.

Why no MAG-10 or ANACONDA man? $$ or otherwise? I used it during first part of prep and liked option 2 better than 1 and also found liquid pre-training much better for me than the FINiBARs. My stomach just too full eating that many bars.

I'd be interested in your final week seeings how you're competing too. I like seeing what is out there, the different methods and how people react to them etc.


Thank you man. Actually, though, that is an old pic of when I was in prep back in 08. Currently 12 days out I'm waking @207 and am @6% I gather.

I'll definitely be hoofing the red meat after along with some whole eggs again. Love steak and eggs. That sucks you had to pull out. Understandable though. Early on and midway in my prep I had to deal with 2 skin infections (cellulitis) I'm glad I got through those and have made it to here cos this will be best showing yet.

Don't ya love the acon and m-10 duo? If I had the dough I'd be slamming down in both sessions of my 2 a day training I'm able to do. It just might be worth it to push me back up to 225-230ish and stay round 8%.

Out of curiosity, what weight class would you have done?


I'm competing in the Natural Midstates in Rockford 11/13, and the OCB Midwest States 11/20 in Dekalb. I'll be weighing in at 176! How about you?

I read all about I,BODYBUILDER when it came out, while it sounds appealing I can't justify spending that much money each month when I'll be making progress one way or another. I'm not exactly hurting financially, most of my liquid money is tied up in investments.

Not to mention, I've got fifty pounds of dextrose and about twenty pounds of whey protein isolate on lay-away, lol. I'll have to try the poor man's version that Waylander outlined last year when it came out.

I'm interested to see your experience with it, and now there's a couple people I know trying it. Is route 2 the same without the FINiBARs?


For at least the first few days:

Also tons of water in between meals


For at least the first few days:

Also tons of water in between meals


I would've done Light Heavyweight. I was around 196 lbs and ~7-8% Bodyfat at my leanest, but I may have cut too many calories in my last couple months. You would think that at 6'3'', 196 lbs might look too skinny at single digit bodyfat, but I lucked out muscle bellies wise. people were guessing i was 230 lbs when i was only ~200!

I got some ANACONDA and MAG-10 from a friend who ordered it so I could sample it before I actually bought it. I had no problem drinking that much water because I would have a bout half a gallon of fluid when I was using Thibs insulin protocol with regular whey and Alpha-GPC.

I recovered so fast with that stuff though! I recover pretty fast as it is, usually only a day or 2 of soreness. But that casein hydro must absorb so quickly, as I only felt sore for about a day after.

You must look sick at 207 and 6% man. Best of luck to you!


I think that was the most grueling part of dieting.

It was either a large salad + lean meat, or Broccoli + lean meat, for 3 meals, the rest were MRP's or Pre/Post/Peri workout protocol protein. You eat and feel great. for all of 30 minutes lol.

My stomach was constantly rumbling, and i would just drink so much water in order to feel full.


LOL, that's insanity!

First stop will be deep dish pizza. I'll certainly be having pies with whip cream and some ice cream for at least two days, that's a given!


Yeah I'm killing 2.5 gallons a day, once I cut back I'll be able to loose the last 4 lbs no prob!


Just wanted to wish you best of luck bro. I'm sure you were able to manage to cut your weight down where you needed it to be. I' be interested to know if you used a coach for your prep or did you use any particular approach at all? Meaning, cycling keto, carb cycling or just static cals adjusting macros as needed. Also, your last week - different methods touted today as being most effective. Keeping in mind everyone is different, as a natty, what did you do, i.e. carb,water, sodium manipulation. I've found it's a huge mix of practical meshed with science and knowing the relationships between water, salt and carbs.

Anyhow, kick ass, smile big when they raise your hand and smile bigger when diving into the pizza.


Thanks for the comment!

Firstly, I've never used a coach--this is my second show. It was very clear to me the areas I needed to improve after my first contest. Hit it hard for 18 months and I'm back!

I tried to keep everything as simple and consistent as possible, I suppose you could say my method has been static cals with adjustments as needed--borderline with carb cycling. However, my fat intake is very consistent. This last week I brought carbs down to 100g, and ~70g on Wednesday. Thursday I did a moderate carb up, ~300g--today I'll be having ~200g. I know a lot of people might get crazy with the carbs. I like to keep it somewhat moderate because I'm sitting right at my weight--and I've been ready to go all week, if it ain't broke don't fix it!

As far as sodium; I just don't use salt anymore, and avoid using sodium-laden spices. I don't track it like I did my first show, or avoid protein shakes bc. of the sodium. I keep my diet as consistent as possible, using the same carb and protein choices (ie oatmeal, sweet potato, fish, egg whites, chicken breast, protein shakes, and ground beef)--and as always POUNDS of broccoli!

I've really tried to soak up the advice of natural pros, namely Layne Norton--have learned a lot from other successful BBs like Stu. I kept my carbs near 30% my entire prep, with the exception of a few days this week--many enhanced guys were calling me nuts for not going keto, sodium depleting, or any of that other hoopla. I stuck to my guns and kept things as consistent as possible.

How about you, what's your approach the final week?


Keep us updated with pics too man!


you're welcome Chi Town.

so how did it all turn out man? all that you wrote looks pretty solid. pay no attention to others harping on your methods, well, if your methods work that is,lol. there will always be someone saying this or that.

Dude, personally, I think going keto is a huge mistake from what I've seen and experienced. everyone I personally know who has worked with one of the 'names' in the bbing industry who pushes keto prep diets have all lost muscle and found it near impossible to fill out effectively on stage. why? cos they went keto. it's like trying to make a train moving @ 200mph go in reverse direction at the snap of your fingers....nah-uh, ain't gonna happen. buddy of mine that just competed in same show as i did as a heavy who hired a keto prep coach said this after the show, "no more fucking keto!"

i really respect Layne Norton and like what he has to say. he has started to work with some enhanced guys so i am thinking i'll pick his ear about final week manipulations cos i didn't nail this one even though I came 3 out of 16 in my class.

my final week was something old with something new, meaning, a slight drop in carbs then a gradual build back up. had to be concerned about making weight so that was a focus and affected strategy. the 'new' was using diuretics which, i am not a big fan of and after having used them, even less of a fan of now.


so busy during the weekend didn't really have time to be uploading pics and forum-ing it up. here are some pics though. on stage @ 194lbs (light heavy) placed 3rd out of 16


in the black...


on the far right in burgundy