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Maximizing Kidney Function

I’ve recently had a hip replacement ( actually a hip resurfacing) and with all it’s positives one negative is that the friction of the implant releases metal ions into the body which must be filtered and excreted by the kidneys.

A very very small percentage of people are not able to clear these ions out and eventually need another surgery to replace the implant.

I know you watch your kidney health and stay on top of the acid load with baking soda and greens/powder and monitor your protein intake.

Are there any other strategies you know of to maximize the health and strength of my kidneys?
Chelation therapy, herbal formulas, etc?

I remember John Meadows mentioning cranberry juice when I belonged to his site. Any tips you can give me would be appreciated.

Maybe your surgeon or GP could answer any questions you have?

Dunno where you are and how the procedure is there but Metal on metal implants usually have regular blood testing for change in chromium and cobalt levels on follow up especially if you have symptoms.

NJ/NY area. Yeah he tests the levels, he’s a top Dr at HSS. Haven’t had my follow up yet I guess I will ask him then. Thanks