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maximizing gains

I am about to start a new cycle of lifting and I want to be able to control everything that I can so I will get massive gains. My main goal is to add musclar weight and to improve my work capasity, so I can destroy Boot camp. Right now I am at 224, i want to get to at least 235 in 6 months. The things tha I can control are How much I eat, what I eat, how much I sleep, and how I train, how intese it is and post work out recovery.
Does anyone else have ideas that have helped them in increaseing their recovery?

Boot Camp? I’m guessing the military doesn’t want you that heavy to begin with?

TC and Chris discussed this a few weeks ago in reader mail. Their advice was to work on endurance since that’s what kicks most people’s butt in boot camp - the humping. You may even be doing yourself a diservice by adding weight. Being “big” just isn’t what the military is looking for and it won’t help you much. My advice- read Coach Davies articles on functional strength at T-mag and start running. If you’re not already really lean, start cutting weight.

Even if you ARE lean, loose weight! This is the only time in a man’s life I would recommend it, but do Cardio first, then finish with lifting. You’ll already be the biggest guy, and adding ten pounds will impress noone there, but it WILL slow you down. Dropping 15 or 20lbs would be a much more useful goal. Are you training to be a solider for our country or a bodybuilder for yourself? The two are NOT synonomous. I just finished 5 years active, 2 with the SEALs. Went in at 215lbs, wish I’d been about 195. They ran and depleted me down to 184 by the end of HELLWEEK, and I had already been lean and fast going in. Bootcamp for ANY branch is obviously much less intense, but similar. Swallow your ego, pride, and secondary bodybuilding goals for now. Focus on your primary goal - completing Boot Camp towards the front of your class, and listen to the advice of your fellow T-Men who’ve been where you are going.
By the way, I’ve been lifting for 14 years. Currently I’m a lean 238 and have tipped the scales in my bloated gaining phase at 251, no steroids, just tons of food, andro, and MAG10. I know where you’re at. The time to grow is once you’re settled into your Command, and NOT before.
We had a joke that AFTER BUDS/SEAL training, SEAL stood for Sleep Eat And Lift. This was AFTER the inital training, however. Don’t pack it on before it’s time, you’ll have enough to deal with just weighing over 200lbs at Boot Camp.

I always envied you guys for being able to concentrate on lifting so much.

I must agree with Bentherdunthat. At this point you focus on functional strength. Check Goose’s posts about how much weight he lost in Back from Basic. You will need to be a running, marching and push-uping machine. I am not sure how tall you are, but in a recent post we discussed the problems with the military weight control system. How do you measure-up in regards to that? Now is the time to practice your running and marching. Don’t make the mistake of thinking running covers you for marching. It doesn’t. Especially in your feet. Lets us know how we can help. Best of Luck.

Are you talking about Boot Camp USMC or Renegade Boot Camp the 12 class program that Coach D is talking about? In either event, you’ve got the right attitude. I doubt extra weight will help, unless it conicides with extra work capacity. As far as recovery goes: Diet/ keep the green veggies high I know you will get plenty of protein, Cold Dips, Stretching, hurdles, meditation, breathing and sex. See you at Boot Camp. Oh and BTW…There are only two things in the universe that we as humans can control…Effort and Attitude. Those are the only two.