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Maximized Eating, Better for Sure?

So, instead of eating 5 or 6 times a day my meals are going to add to 10, due to the time I am stuck at some place and the liquid meals.

I want to know if this is even better(more=better) or there is a reason why everybody is saying 5 or 6?

It ill be something like:

6.30 Shake
9.15 Snack
11.50 Shake
14.00 Full Meal
16.00 Snack
17.00 Pre Shake
18.30 Post Shake
19.30 Full Meal
21.00 Snack
22.30 Shake

The shakes are usually Milk+Whey+Albu+Cottage+Oatmeal+fruit

Snacks are meat or salmon sandwich+milk+fruit some times protein bar.

Well, personally, and MANY of my calories come from my protein shakes (simple milk + protein, sometimes peanut butter and EVOO,) my meals stick to closer to 5-6 a day because of time constraints… Mostly due to classes and an adherence to carb/food cutoff times to help keep my fat levels at bay.

Not only that, but with the kind of foods I eat (sausages, eggs, steak, etc.) I find it hard to balance the P+C/P+F combo without consuming a fair amount of calories.

That being said, I like getting as close to ‘full’ as possible with all of my meals. I never really get full, but if I just had small little bites to eat throughout the day, I’d practically just be teasing myself.

I get you but what I want to know is: is it even better to eat 10 times(more=better) or there is a reason why everybody is saying 5 or 6?

Pretty sure it is diminishing returns. Too much work to go further for not much (if any
benefit). I eat 7 meaks a day.

10am snack (by snack I mean at least 300-400 cals)
12:30 lunch
4:00 snack
5:30-7:00 Peri-Workout shake
8:00 Dinner
10:30 Pre-bed Metabolic Drive and Natty PB

Why not just add more food to your meals vs. doing all the shakes?

Do it for a week and see how it works.

[quote]Player wrote:
Do it for a week and see how it works.[/quote]

I just want to know if the theory applies to practice. Eating more = Better? 10meals better than 6?

Theory goes that eatin more often than every 2-3 hours will just make yo pile food in your stomach. Your body can only diges so much at any given time. so eating mre than 6-7 times a day wont bring any more benefits (says the theory)