Maximize Fat Loss stack

The Biotest store’s “Maximize Fat Loss”
stack has been updated, as have all the
stacks, and in this case it was in response
to reader request here on the forum.

A few weeks ago, “King Kong” posted
that he’d had a problem where the Methoxy-7
supplied with the “Maximum Fat Loss” stack
wasn’t enough to last for the full cycle,
and this was very disappointing.
(It’s not that he didn’t get the number of bottles paid for, but those bottles didn’t last as long as he’d expected.)

Hopefully, he’s gotten the free bottles I’d
asked to be sent to him to cover the
shortfall (if not, Maury, please e-mail me!)

Anyway, point of this post is, the stack
now has been updated, as readers requested, to include 5 bottles of Methoxy-7, enough to
last all 8 weeks.

Mistakes will happen but also, hopefully,
will be corrected once realized.

Well, Ive got a confession to make - Im “king kong” as well. The reason that I used another name was because I really thought that I had missed something when I asked the question about that stack a few weeks ago and I was worried that I was going to look like a complete idiot - although I suppose I may have achieved that by changing my name as well.

Anyways I have been getting notes from the FedEx guy so I think that it is likely the methoxy. Thanks Bill as I`m a teacher/student with empty pockets and I waged all of my christmas money from my family and saved my pennies for that stack. When I found out that I was not going to get what I thought I was rather dissapointed. Thanks for working to get things made a bit more clear - once again all I have to say for T-mag, Biotest and everyone else that has helped me with my many questions etc is thanks a million times over (special thanks for Bill and Coach Davies who have helped me a lot).