Maximize Chest Development

I plan to focus on developing my lagging chest. I have read other posts concerning exercises, the need for squating and rowing exercises, and massive eating. Now what I want to know is how many times per week would do the trick? I was considering three weekly whole-body sessions that commence with 15-20 minutes of EDT training specifically for chest. Each day would have different exercises for the chest as well. Your thoughts please!

You’ll kill yourself on that. EDT is a to-failure program. That means that you need adequate rest to benefit. 3x per week won’t do that.

I’d suggest working chest (and back!) twice a week. One day, do intense movements with full-stretch (and slow!) negatives. Another day, do light movements (no where near failure) that also emphasizes stretching. Day one will trigger new muscle growth. Day two will trigger additional nutrient storage. Good idea about doing it first!

please do not do chest 3x a week. in my opinion, once a week is enough, and depending on your goals, go heavy or rep out. it is almost a guarantee that you will overtrain doing a bodypart 3x a week, especially a large muscle group such as chest. go with power movements, such as flat bench, incl. bench both with bars, and followed up by a flye. good luck