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Maximally Effective Reps

How many maximally effective reps are optimal per body part, per week? Thanks.

60-80/muscle per week. Ideally split into 2 or 3 sessions,

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In your video “how much volume do you need” it’s been said the effective reps are pretty much 6 in each set regardless of weight.
So basically if someone is doing 3x10, that means, there is 18 effective reps?
What about rest pause - first set failed at 9th rep, second set at 5th, third set 3, then 1. So he got 18 reps in total, but effective are 14 reps but with bigger demanding?

If good amount of sets are 10-20 per week per muscle, why dc training has only 1-2 set per week per muscle and if I remember well, best damn training has 2 as well (in 4 times option)

Is there any differences in this high intensity “one set” and straight set?

Maybe it’s silly question but I am curious about that.
Thank you

I’m sure you know the answer to that.

Intensity techniques like rest pause obviously yield more effective reps - because you are executing more reps than you would with a straight set to failure. Such techniques also impact more on recovery hence why volume (and frequency) is scaled back in systems like DC.