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maximal weights

I wanted to get some feedback from those who have used poliquins ?maximal weights? routine. My basic question is simple, for those who have tried it did you have better success with the 5 day rotation or 7 day? Im leaning towards a 4 day split, training each bodypart only once per week. My split is as follows, Mon chest/back, Tues quads/hams, wed off, thurs arms, fri off, sat abs/calves, sun off. Reason being, im cutting and I have had success with 3 hiit sessions per week. Training with weights only 4 days allows me to perform my hiit on off days from the gym. I could do the recommended 5 day rotation but that leaves me only 2 off days per week for hiit. Im still open to either option, I just wanted to get some experienced feedback before I make my decision. Thanks.

Ok I have another question, in regards to the 6x2-4 portion of the maximal weights program. How do you determine when to increase the load? Lets say I can complete 250lbs on the bench press at a 501 tempo all 6 times. How do I determine how and when to increase reps? The next time I perform bench do I try to go all out to 4 reps on the first set, or do I wait until the latter sets to try and increase? I don?t want to go all out to 4 on my first set and then not be able to complete 2 on my final set. Does this make any sense? thanks

Do three reps. If you can handle that, do four the next time out.