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Maximal Weights

I was reading the Maximal Weights article and
thought I might do a cycle. I have 2 questions:

  1. Are the lifts listed as A1, A2, B1, B2 supposed to be alternated, A1 then A2, next set
    A1 then A2… or do I do A1 all sets then A2 all sets?
  2. Would you describe a cycle for which body part(s) per day for a 4 day workout schedule would work best for the 5X5 cycle? (Maybe throw in some exercises per body part?)

P.S. Tribex 500 works! I'm ordering more and a subscription soon!

I am a big fan of working out with maximal weights philosophy. It has benifited me greatly. I love the power. If your joints can take it go for it. it can’t hurt (at least not much)

In Charles’ original article, he outlined arm programs for each of the four phases. I haven’t tried this program yet, but I think it would work very well in an arm specialization program. If that’s what you’re looking for, bringing your arms up to par, try the following split:
M: Arms
Tu: Hamstrings, bent knee calves, traps
Th: Chest, Back, Shoulders (balance the pushing and pulling)
F: Quads, straight leg calves

I would personally recommend keeping the volume of each workout to about 14 sets, which is slightly lower than what Charles recommended for most of the phases. As an example, in the first phase of 5 X 5, use the first exercises for 5 X 5, then the second two superset exercises for only 2 sets of slightly higher reps, maybe 8-10. On the leg days, you can use the core leg lifts, ie squat and deadlift, for his 5 X 5, then an assitor exercise for 3 sets. The remaining 6 sets you can use for the calf and trap work.

Oh yeah, back to you're original question. Superset the A1/A2 exercises. With maximal weights, that means do a set of A1, rest a full 2 minutes, then do a set of A2. That will give you almost 5 minutes rest between sets of the same exercise.

Hope this helps.

Can the maximal weights program be done for the whole body or is it just the 5x5 that can be done for the other bodyparts as well?

Hon Yik