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Maximal Reverse Band Bench!


i got some strong bands for my early christmas gift(awesome roommate).

so raw i can hit 470, lets make this fun.

whoever guess's my correct max wins a secret prize!

ill max out monday, and post results that night.


What's a reverse band? Just kidding



sorry im dumblexic.






depends on what bands you are using and how you set them up. i have a set of bands from elite. if you are using heavy bands and choking them at the top of a rack, i would guess somewhere in the high 600's if you are a high 400 raw bencher. i've hit 725 with heavy bands choked to the top of a shitty rack in a commercial gym. now i have a really good rack with band pins on the top and bottom. haven't gone for a max attempt in my new facility though.






What kind of bands are they?

EDIT: Nevermind. I'll guess 585.


597.5 is my guess


strong bands from elitefts.

long bands at that.




so whats the result?


i only got 565.... my damned elbows are still kicking my ass.

attempted 585 popped it off my chest but couldnt get it up any further.