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Maximal Hair Growth?

Before everyone starts flaming me, I just want to say that it seems like most of the people on this area of the forum are pretty intelligent. I just need some information :slight_smile: My father passed away last year after a coronary embolism. He fell in a water tank and shattered both legs. He went to Portland to visit the GF?s parents and did not take his blood thinners. Hence the blood clots.

Two years before he died he was vain enough to pay allot of money for some hair plugs, I would like to donate my hair to a little boy who chooses life over being vain. by the way, I am trying to make light of this situation and laugh at my reason My hair does not seem to be growing much anymore.

To donate with Locks of Love the hair needs to be at least 10 inches. My roommate said every person has a limit to their length of hair. Meaning some peoples hair stops growing. I looked it up on line and it is true! I did not find anywhere that states a typical range. No one knows an average do they? I am really getting tired of the hair but I want to finish what I started. Thanks for the help.

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Hair that isn’t growing is probably dry and breaking. Perhaps your shampoo is too drying and your conditioner leaves too much buildup?

Well there are different phases of hair growth, and different regions of your body are “programmed” to be in the growth phase for different periods of time. Yay genetics, but nutrition and hormone levels can also play a part.

Your head can allow for years of hair growth, but I would imagine that if the turn-around rate of your hair growth was faster, then it would reach a certain length then stop. I don’t know much on the topic so this is just my speculation.

Locks of Love is a great program, I hope you’ll be able to donate. In 2003 I donated a 12" ponytail and still had hair down to my shoulders after I cut it lol. I’m back to leaving my hair long again (about 3" from the top of my jeans) so the next time I decide to cut a good bit off, it will most likely be at least 10" so I can donate it.

Kudos to you for wanting to do something.

However, with all due respect, it is not your call to judge your father’s “vanity” like that; we all have something we are insecure about and sometimes we shouldn’t have to explain it to anybody, even family. If it bothered him and he wanted plugs, that was his call.

Good luck.

Good for you to want to do this!

You’ll never know how long your hair will grow to unless you try it. Healthy eating is the best way. The average person’s hair grows 1/2" per month.

I am also going to donate my hair to Locks of Love. Probably next year when I get my braces off. New image.

I’m a dude, I had hair halfway down my back before I decided to cut it off. Had like 17" of ponytail to donate and still had some hair left before I shaved it all off.

I didn’t really have a strategy, I just didn’t cut it for like 4 or 5 years.

Your hair will grow if you let it, just remember that it does get to be a pain when it gets longer.