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Maximal Fibre Recruitment

Hi guys,

I’m currently training for a rock climbing competition and was wondering if anybody could answer a few questions I have. I want to use the maximum number of fibres possible when I climb. Is there a particular way of training that will fire off more fibres than others?

Thanks in advance

Single limb training, actually.

Well… technically not moving but i guess that doesnt help you…

To fire all fibres, just keep going until you reach absolute maximum failure. I mean “oh my god i think i just blew my head off” muscle failure.

Or use all the power you can to explode the weight (speed).

There’s at least one more but I can’t think of it. Maybe plyometrics too.

Maximum fiber recruitment as you put it is a function of the Central Nervous System. So, it is important to train movements that allow you to be explosive (60% range, olympic complex movements best, etc)

Howerver, I dont see Maximum fiber recrutiment as the limiting factor in climbing. I would say you are going to have more issues with strength/endurance - unless you are doing some sort of speed climb!