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Question. I’m looking at “Maxim” as a good “Men’s Lifstyle” magazine on the lines of “GQ” and “Esquire”. (P.S. I’m in the dark here, guys, so those MAY be bad comparison’s!)

TAKING OUT ALL THE T&A, how do you guys rate “Maxim?” (It seems like T.C. likes it!)

It cracks me up. It is definitely more juvenile than GQ and Esquire.

Good rag. Doesn’t take itself too seriously, has lots of Un-PC “guy friendly” humor, and you can gauge how cool a woman is by whether or not she likes it.

GQ used to be good until they started caterering only to the leftist and homosexual crowd. During the last few issues I read, I had to check a few times and see if I was reading a men’s magazine or the DNC newsletter. Maxim is cool, but its not very realistic.

Yes, you will like Maxim if you are an immature sort who wants to have sex with every hot girl you see. If you enjoy drugs and drinking, have little respect for the law or women, and you think violence is underrated, then you should definitely check out Maxim, you poor misguided bastard!

just like t-mag puts any other bb mag to shame, maxim puts all other mags to shame. they have the funniest articles, and the advice they give on women are so true i cant believe it. GQ, stuff, fhm, mens health are all a bunch of rookie league and single A ball players while maxim is babe ruth.

JC, Maxim is kind of the “big brother” mag to FHM and Stuff. I don’t if the same guys write it but it is definitely published by the same company and aimed at the same crowd as Maxim.

actually yeah i heard about that. i mean stuff and fhm are good, but you can totally tell that maxim has the better writers. personally i just think its a lot funnier. do you know if mens health is by the same publisher as well?

Not sure about Men’s Health. I may have heard that but I’m not at all sure. And I agree that Maxim is alot better than FHM and Stuff. I really enjoy there brand of humor.

i used to read maxim quite a bit, but it seems kind of tired to me now. my favorite parts are the articles on women which are very funny and in most cases true, but there is a lot of filler and crap in their too…the obligatory 50+pages of anoexic, gay looking male models,and fronting this politically incorrect attitude that’s supposed to sound cool and tough. it also gets a little repetitive too with the interviews. ass-kissing male author interviews hot model/actress, professes his love and grovels for said model/actress, kind a weak…the pictorials are great, but why not buy a playboy or look on the internet instead?

Stuff is associated with Maxim (same editors or publishing company, not sure which) FHM is in the same genre, but not connected

Maxim has some funny shit in it, but other than that it’s just cosmopolitan for men.