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maxim thread

Throwing in some maxims and starting thread to impose maximum plethora of wisdom and bullshit for all!1. Squats, deads,and chins come from Satan but produce Godly results.2. Always tell your significant other how much you love them(you and their day will go much better because of it)3. When your wife or gf asks Does this my my ass look big? RUN like hell. 4.Always train with a purpose. 5.Never listen to anyone wearing Spandex unless it is a fitness babe.5. If someone at the gym starts bragging about how much they can bench,squat, etc. always take away about 50Lbs. from their amnt.(that will be closer to the truth. 6. Bill Phillips sux. 7. His brother Shawn also. 8. Ricard Simmons is not a fitness guru. 9 Steroids DO work. 10. Testosterone is the only magazine worth a shit in the bodybuilding biz. 11. Brittany Spears is still hot, even though her music sux. Your turn!!

The one maxim I live by: put threads like this on the off-topic board.