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Maxed Out on Squats Today, Form Check

i maxed out today at 295 (which is good for my age) and i wanted to show you guys to see if i can get some advice to help squat bigger

That load is waaaaaaaay too heavy for you dude. You’re about an inch or two from actually parallel, but with time you’ll get it.

You also seemed rather rushed, which didn’t allow you time to get your stance steady, and for you to properly brace (because your entire upper body was very wiggly and shaky),and to establish balance, because your foot moving back to catch yourself meant you might’ve fell backwards.

Lighten the load up for now, and maybe work towards a 1-3rm.


Young G…

Well you asked, but How about we skip the brutal critique of the actual lift, but hopefully give some real basic pointers. For the record, I compete in power lifting, but very little. You might get another perspective from a regular competitor.

  1. tempo. Nothing should be jerky in a squat. No sudden changes in direction. Including the start - you want a slow controlled descent.

  2. depth. Few people squat for fun. You are likely squatting for sports performance or development. That percentage of max (100%+) at that depth, it’s really doing neither. The weight is too heavy for explosive training, the ROM is too short for quad development.

  3. walk outs. You’re uncomfortable with this weight. As you approach new strength levels, and you will, load a Supramaximal weight (100%+). Walk it out to where you would squat, walk it back to rack it.

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Fixed for you


Step number one: Slap your spotter friend and tell him to stop effing around before a max attempt. You need maximum focus on a max squat and I wouldn’t trust that guy if he normally acts like that.

Like others have said your setup is way too loose, the weight is too heavy and you didn’t hit depth. You should video a set or attempt at 225 and post it up for review.

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I’m going to agree with everyone else here. That was one of the worst squat form checks I’ve seen in awhile.


Post in Powerlifting section get judged by powerlifting standards no?

Your squat looks like something that would be featured on Quarter Squat Gang and then flamed to the depths of hell but in the interest of not being an arse I’ll just content myself with this meme that describes my desire to flame you:

Now to helpful shit. Drop the weight get on a proper program and learn how to squat with proper form (to depth ffs). There’s more wrong than right so may as well relearn from scratch.

There’s many great videos of YouTube. Here’s some to get you started:


I enjoyed the goofey walk out and the stumble. A bit too over the top to completely stooge but a nice way to spend 20 seconds.

8/10, would watch again.


There is no reason for you to be making 1rm attempts at this point, learn how to squat properly first and train with weights that you can handle.

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If your just gonna roast me then fuck these forums. Im easily the strongest kid in my fuckin gym so im just gonna keep doing what im doing

Dude you posted the most hideous NOT A SQUAT I’ve ever seen on the powerlifting forum. While it was a little bit of a roasting it was entirely proportional to the level of dumbfuckery you showed us. I’m surprised you got out of the hole with your spine intact.

Im sure you are the strongest kid in your gym, but the key word there is kid. If you want to still be the strongest at future measurement points you need to be able to continue training without hurting yourself. You also need to learn to stop ego lifting, because doing it right with a lighter weight will, most of the time, give you better results than half repping with a weight you can’t handle.

I think the problem is that there was so little right with that squat that it can’t be form checked because literally everything was wrong. Including the fact it wasn’t even a squat.


Read the post from @drewc64 and also @khangles videos that he posted. That is a heck of a lot of good advice right there, you asked for critique, and while there was mild flaming involved, you got it, with the general consensus being, drop to a more manageable weight and work on your cues, bracing, and general “readiness” under substantial loads. And you may be the strongest guy in your gym, for the hour that you’re there, in your town, in your neighborhood, that’s a pretty small pool, remember…that pool gets a lot bigger here. Take those two folks (along with many others) advice, drop the weight to 225, show us a couple of reps, not only does that help your credibility around here (ability to take advice and not be a knob) but it shows you’re serious, and you’ll get a lot of good help when folks know you’re serious.


lol this is such an obvious troll. Don’t waste your time with long replies.

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Is this a bad joke or are you actually serious? Your squat is messed up from start to finish and you have no business attempting maxes any time soon, you are asking for an injury. If you want advice then I would be glad to help you, but bragging about how strong you are when you can’t even squat 295 in any reasonable manner is not helping your case. Post some videos of lighter squats with a weight you can handle and don’t try anything like this again.

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Exactly that. From top to bottom, start to finish, everything about that squat was fucked up. If you did that in a powerlifting meet then there are a whole list of things that you would get red lights for, plus you can easily hurt yourself with what you did.

Dude if your feelings are getting hurt, then don’t put an obviously sloppy squat form check on here.

Chris Ottawa gave you the best advice. Lighten the load and learn how to squat properly.

That’s what I was thinking. This is just too over the top bad to be real, especially in light of his acting butt hurt when people point it out. He’s yanking everyone’s chain.

shut up…no one is going to kiss on your ass.
Here is a video for you…call it a reality check regarding your age and level of squatting strength


You’re also the kid thats most prone to injure themselves. No one in your gym cares how strong you are at quarter/good morning
squatting. Don’t go around disrespecting the lifters on here that tried helping you.