Max Went Down on Week 3 Squats

I don’t really understand what to do if I don’t hit a PR on my last set in week 3. Do I still increase my training max the following cycle?

I had a bad day on my week 3 squats and didn’t come anywhere close to a PR. Now I’m not sure what weight I should use in my second cycle. Do I still increase my training max by 10 lbs?

True Max 325
90% Max 292

week 1: 3x250 (290) - didn’t understand in week one that it was 3+
week 2: 7x265 (318)
week 3: 3x280 (296) - didn’t feel like i have a 4th rep in me

Don’t get caught up in the max for each week. That calculator that Jim has in the book isn’t a definitive litmus test for performance, just a tool.

I generally like to be able to get 5 reps on week 3, however, if I have a shitty day in the gym and I only have 3 good reps in me, no big deal. We can’t win every day.

Increase your max by 10lbs as usual. If this cycle ends up with slow bar speed and low reps across the board, go back 3 cycles and proceed again.

I assume you haven’t read the book. You will have good days and bad days - that is part of training and life. As mentioned in the book, the Rep Max Calculator is a tool (like Joey said). Yes, you increase your TM provided you have an accurate TM.