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Max weight training

Does anyone have any sample work outs fopr this type of training??? I read Poliquins article on it but can get the routine for the other body parts. Any help would be a big help.

I a also interested in this, so I guess this is a bump

I’ve worked out a program based on Poliquin’s arm routine that looks something like this: Day 1: Arms (as outlined in his article)and Shoulders (usually only 3-4 sets), Day 2: Legs, Lowerback, Abs, Day 3: Off, Day 4: Chest, Back, Day 5: Off, and then repeat the cycle. For chest and back I’ll use a superset with these exercises: A1) Flat barbell bench A2) Machine Row B1) Incline Barbell Bench B2) Weighted Pull Ups C1) Barbell Shrugs 3x10
For leg day: A1) Squat A2) Leg Curl B1) Calf Raise B2) Weighted Hyperextensions C1) Incline Sit Ups. After 15 days, I’ll switch the exercises somewhat and the protocol, just as Poliquin advises to do with the arms. I just finished the first 15 days using the above outlined program and got some great results. I’d be curious to know what others think about lifting with Maximal Weights, possible workout plans, and the above outlined plan.

I used Max weights by Poliquin back in summer 2000 with good results, even if I was working night and evening shifts(50+hours per week,3-6 hours of sleep per day) with irregular hours. I used to split up upper and lower body, an A/B split training 3 times per week. I also used it during school( fall 2000) with good results. Here are the routines:

Upper body:
a1) Incline press DB 5x5 R120
a2) MG Pull-up 5x5 R120
b1) close grip Bench press 5x5 R120
b2) scott curls NG ez bar 5x5 R120

Lower body:
a1) deadlift
a2) standing calves raises
b1) squat Med Bar, Med Stance
b2) abs

the 5/4/3/2/1 is great also as it provides a good opportunity to work on technique while handling heavier loads. In fact, this method is one of my favorite, along with the 1/6 mixed neural drive/hypertrophy method. Great for the strength and good for body mass if you eat enough(duh!).

Hope this helps,
-Louis-Philippe de Sève-Bergeron

I’m still curious as to what others have tried?..

The 5/4/3/2/1 technique, where can I find a more detailed layout of that method?

Check out Poliquin’s maximal weights article to find out a little about the 5/4/3/2/1 method.