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Max TRT That Can Be Run Without Too Much Effect On Lipids?

Hi guys, as the title states.

I’m planning to go on TRT cruise instead of cycle.

I was wondering what amount can be run consitently without too much significant impact on cholesterol etcetera, lipids overal, maximum amount MG a week with lipids that can still be controlled with healthy diet and cardio etcetera.

Of course im aware that this differs for everyone, but sort looking for a general number i guess, or people’s experiences on this.

175mg a week is a good number. Not too high and not low

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After 8 weeks on 200 mg/week, my HDL was 37 (reference interval >39) and my LDL was 86 (reference interval 0-99).

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8 weeks after I started my TRT my HDL dropped from 76 to 63 mg/dL and my LDL increased from 79 to 100 mg/dL. I did increase the usage of red meat and iron during this period to increase my ferritin levels as well so I don’t know if it is entirely from TRT.

I’ve been on around 185 mg a week for over two months now however I didn’t run labs yet until the covid-19 situation calms down.

It’s a question that can’t really be really be answered. It depends on how your body reacts. Most folks likely won’t have much of an issue under 250mg but then you have folks that any amount of T effects them negatively. Here’s mine after 2+ years on around 200mg/week (basically no change from before TRT).

So due to cycling over the years my T has come to a point where its not really ever going back to proper levels.

It’s hanging lower than 500 ng/dL and im just 30.

What dosage of Test a week would put my T at around a 1500?

How about 2000 ng/dL? Or does that lead to lipid issues.

Do you have any prior labs we could see to make an educated guess? It depends on a lot of factors. If you have high SHBG you will see higher TT but less FT. Cuold be the opposite. Regardless a good higher end TRT dose is 150-200mg. I would guess at 200mg you would get yourself there. I take 140mg (split Weds/Sun) and my trough numbers are about 900 so I’m guessing my peak is around 1200.

Whats SHBG? ill ask about it. I had like regular labs recently thru doctor, but she only included testosterone with the regular blood check ergh…

Then I got another question, since past years I just done cycles on off on off, basically cycles for a few years then off losing all my muscle again, then on again, then off losing everything again. Im off now but my t is real low as always when off, so i decided to really go trt this time for real before i lose everything again.

Was wondering could i still build some muscle on like 150/200mg TRT or would it just suffice to maintain? since i done blasts before, even several months at a time etc, you always hear that the more youve done the more you have to take to see results next time, but that would basically mean that i would get 0 results then on 150mg, seems unlikely? i mean if i keep working out and eating well, would still grow right just slower.