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Max Time Between Winstrol Injections?


Just courious what the max time frame would be between injections of 50mg Winstol to get some benefit. I see most people inject ED, EoD, or every 3 days.
I was thinking of trying every 4 days as I do with my 250mg of Ethanate

Trying to reduce the number of shots.





ED or EOD, exept if your get the ESTROMBOL Stanozolol witch is OIL based. that one you can inject once every 4 days; but the water based version (white liquid) doesnt allow to be injected less than EOD because of its short half life. Other option and to prevent infections and stuff, is to inject every 4 days but take the oral winny the days you dont inject…


I have Stanozolol 50mg/ml aqueous. It is white.