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Okay. So I have been training for 5 months total. I've been using 2 different programmes:

A 2-split a la Back to basics
A 3-split, which I mixed myself. Basic movements, not much isolation nothing fancy.

So..2 weeks ago I did a max test in the squat, bench and deadlift.

I plan to compete in powerlifting this year. In 5 months.

Age: 17
Weight: 200 lbs
Training experience: 5 months
Forearm: 13.4"
Upper arm: 15.8"
Chest (flexed): 50"
Waist 34"
Thighs: 29"
Calves: 19,7"

The squat is done with no belt, no kneewraps or anything. All raw. I must learn how to use a belt some time.

The deadlift is done with double overhand grip (using chalk of course) no belt either. I must learn how to use belts in the future.


I don't really know how to link directly to the vid, but they are on my profile here:


Please give me pointers, if you have any :slight_smile: I'm all ears.


Andreas, ar du norsk eller dansk = )? Jag gissar att du ar fran Norge

du e stark som fan, bra jobbat!


Mange tak :slight_smile: Jeg er dansk. hehe.


"Location: Denmark"

... LOL I'm dumb.


Any other comments to my lifts :slight_smile: ?


It won't let me watch the video in your profile. Maybe thats happening for other people too?


I could see the videos. They look fine, obviously your bench press is waaaaaaay behind your other 2 lifts. For your age and experience though, I'm impressed. Can you post the weights for the 3 lifts? I'm assuming the plates are 20kg, but I can't tell how much is on the deadlift.

I would recommend wearing shorts in your next videos though. The baggy pants and shirt don't allow for much insight with your form. I can't see your knees or hips. It definitely looks like you hit a good depth on the squat though. Keep yourself tighter on the bench press, don't rest the bar on your chest at the bottom.


Yeah sure. Here's the weight:
Bench: 200 lbs
Squat: 315 lbs
Deadlift: 360 lbs

And yeah. My Benching is waaay behind. though the reason for the pause in the bottom is because of powerlifting. I am supposed to do that in competitions later on! :slight_smile:



Andreas, I'm aware of the reason for the pause. There's a difference between resting the bar on your chest, and keeping the tension at the bottom position. That's what I was referring to. You want to stay tight at the bottom, for powerlifting purposes, and I don't believe you're doing that.


Yeah. I've been messing around with keeping my feet further under the bench it feels like i can activate my glutes better that way. Bench is definetely my 1st priority at the moment. I will try testing my maxes when im competing in november. I will try to get some vids.