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Max Testing

The Problem:
Outgrowing my starting max, but not knowing it.

The Context:
Doing a program based off % of 1RM. Let’s say I did a three set wave of 70%, 75% and 80% of my 1RM. When to know that 70% is now really my 65%.

The Solution:
a. Test maxes every other week on an off day?
b. Simply adding 5lbs each week to the lift until the lift slows down?
c. Recover for a while for last set then try and hit a max?

Back in the days I never had this problem because basically me and my partner would be testing our maxes every workout.

Usually a program based on 1RM involves a periodic testing and some built in progression. Usually about once a month is enough for the test. You can also estimate. If you can do more than 8 reps at 80%, put the weight up a little. Of your 3 options, option b is the best choice.

Hmm, I like this.
Option (d.)
Every third training week, go for max reps at my 80% marker.

If you can complete your reps with good form, increase weight

1RMax is imho not a good choice, it should be treated more or less like a guideline not dogma

it depends on too many outside factors, ‘good’ days and ‘bad’ days, you have to be fully rested to truly test your Max thus at leat 1 week regeneration.

Not using it per se as Dogma, but as a baseline. I don’t technically (at least not in a good long time) test my 1RM I usually take my best good form 3RM and then multiply it be 110%.

Yeah, agreed. Just looking for input.

i max out very often for my bench press i like heavy single. and ive pressed 445 but never benched 405 more then once went for a second rep but just missed it and this is all raw. all im saying is sometimes you suprise your self and its not a bad ideal to get under some heavy weight and give it a shot from time to time your wrist and shoulders can get used to the weight then.