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Max Strength vs WestSide Method


From the little bit that I've read about Westside Barbell Methods it sounds like Cressey integrated some aspects of west side into max strength like dynamic training method and maximum effort training method.

Would it be ill advised to try and create workouts for myself using a west side template after doing max strength for 16 weeks? I feel like I've been moving the bar slow during my workouts. I want to get faster so developing power is a priority. Is westside good for developing power?


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lol go to forums tab, go to the training section, the powerlifting section is the fourth one down. PL is an abbreviation for powerlifting in case you didn't know


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This would be fine you just have to be smart about your exercise selections. You know some of your weaknesses already: slow bar speed and limited power. This is probably going to make you weak off your chest when you bench, slow off the floor when you pull, and weak out of the hole when you squat.

Doing dynamic work and picking max effort exercises that work these areas will do nothing but help you. Being honest with yourself and doing exercises you suck at are key to progress using Westside.


Fantastic advice. However you train, doing what you suck at (and likely hate doing) is going to be the most important thing you do for yourself!