Max Squat!

Hey guys could you help me out with my squat? This was my max i did last, just correct anything you see wrong lol

I dont no why its sideways like that sorry!

- YouTube Here we go! This look better!

I dont know why, but the first thing that stands out to me is getting rid of your shoes.

The squat looked good. What was the weight?? 405??

315 man. But ill look into getting some flatter shoes, thanks!

i would recommend sitting back more, and push your knees out harder, it seems that they kinda move in when you get out of the hole. Also, better footwear, something with a harder sole, olympic lifting shoes or bettetr yet, judgung by your stance, all stars. :slight_smile:

The squat looked pretty good for a max effort, you probably had some more in the tank. I would have spent less steps and time setting it up from the get go, you don’t have to travel so far back. Also I would absolutely cut out the little bounce you did at the very beginning. You kind of do a knee bend, back up, then squat. Watch the video and you will see what I am talking about. Other than that your depth was pretty good and you kept your eyes up it seemed to finish the lift when it got tougher. You might research getting some different shoes, the higher your squat numbers the more important it will become to get some good squat shoes. You can start with some basic chuck taylors if you don’t want to spend more money on oly shoes. Good looking squat for max effort.

All good suggestions thanks guys. Due to my youtube being fucked up i had to reload the video so heres the same one.

A agree with everything others have posted. My shoe recommendation was due to in tennis shows, the squishy soles and ankle instability makes it hard to keep your feet in one position without a sliding motion. I think youll notice a HUGE difference. Even sum steel toed boots.

Also, like above…Steps are critical… Once you get better at it, 2 steps buddy and go. Ive seen so many lifters waste valuable air and energy trying to get their feet planet. Brad Gillingham told me once. Step/Step/Squat.

Keep up the good work.

Definitely agree with the step you take out, but i know the reason why you did it, so no biggy. You dropped nice and fast, and very well controlled. Solid depth. The way up looked a little tough. Work on that core strength to keep you a bit straighter. Other then that, NICE MAX BROTHER! lol