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Max Squat Strength vs. Endurance and Appropriate Set-Up

Hey CT, just a general training question for you. Have a few thoughts about this, so I’m just going to get to the point and be specific as possible. I notice that as I move through a taxing squat workout my stance becomes more narrow and more quad-driven, especially if I am aiming for a higher rep range. When going for a max-effort single, I set up pretty wide and always have. Not as wide as a typical multi-ply squat, but about as wide as a raw lifter gets. I always felt stronger this way when going for a balls-out attempt, but I feel a close stance is more comfortable if I am going above 5 reps or so.

Anyway I am wondering:

  1. Is this merely my body trying to play to its strengths? My quads are definitely the most developed muscle group of my body and are probably suited to handle more volume than my posterior chain can.

  2. If I want to develop strength in higher rep ranges, is it to my advantage to use the narrower stance or get more practice with my wide stance?

  3. Is this a weakness that I’ve uncovered? Would developing strength at a higher rep range in my wide stance lead to a bigger max squat? Obviously I know that it will, but moreso than using a close stance? Thanks!