Max Size question

If I was to do phase 1 for only 3 weeks, instead of 4, would it severely limit my potential progress?

I love lower-rep strength training protocols, and phase two is in a 12x4 scheme (whereas phase 1 is in a 5x8-12). I’m putting on some decent SIZE with the higher rep ranges, but I want some STRENGTH to back it up (especially with wrestling season a short few months away).

If it would limit my potential progress, I’ll suck it up and do phase 1 for all 4 weeks. But if it wouldn’t hurt, I’d love to cut it down to 3 weeks, and start phase 2 sooner.

Thoughts/opinions are welcome. Thanks for all of the help.

I think specificity takes preference. If you feel that you need strength for wrestling, increase the focus on that by starting earlier. Remember, though, that while wrestling is predominantly reliant on the ATP/PC and glycolysis energy systems, you’ll still have considerable contribution from aerobic metabolism. As such, muscular endurance is important (mostly in longer matches).

Good luck!

Anyone else agree?

I think I’m gonna shorten up phase 1 by a week… I mean, a WEEK won’t do much, will it?

…will it?

What Eric said. If you are going to be wrestling, train to meet the needs of your sport.

If I were you, I would start looking into renegade training.

This be da’ shit Joey Z. was talking about a few weeks ago.

The ‘fitness center’ at my school won’t allow renegade training moves. They yell at me enough for deadlifting sigh I have to stick with a conventional routine for that reason. Supersetting is about as wacky and crazy as I can get.

Eric, a few weeks back I ran a thread dealing with
“sorta” similar issues inside Chad’s program - but to
be perfectly honest, I thought your response made
a lot of sense here! Maybe he’s waiting for Chad to

Dude if you’re a wrestler you are not training for hypertrophy. You want to be as small as possible for your weight class with as much power as you can get. Look into something that is a VERY HIGH demanding program. Renegade training looks swell for what you need. Otherwise compound movements. Damn i wish i knew all this shit back in the day.

depsyphor , it’s customary when replying to your
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Joey, good point, what an inconsideratore teenager I am. My apologies, it wasn’t intentional.

Eric, great response.

I need to put on size for my weight class, is the thing. I HAVE TO (for various reasons, including all american wrestlers on my team) go into the 145lb weight class. I want to be pushing it, being BARELY able to squeeze in there. Right now I’m 155lbs and about 12-13% bodyfat, so I want to gain some more muscle and THEN cut down. THAT is why I am doing a hypertrophy program.

Thanks, I think I am going to cut it down by one week, I doubt it’ll make much of a difference in the long run.

Thanks for all of the input. And if anyone else has further comments/suggestions, they’re highly welcome. The knowledge and experience on this board is inspiring.