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Max Reps on Last Set


What do people usually do for the last + set on each workout? I’ve had good success with this program but almost always do as many reps as possible. After starting the program again recently I capped my reps at 10 so essentially my week 1 is not AMRAP but the other 2 weeks are, but after enough cycles week 1 will be closer to AMRAP and I won’t be getting 10 on week 2 soon.

I thought of making the following change which is a way to plan leaving reps in the tank. When using true AMRAP sets my reps are usually a difference of 2 each week, so week 1 if I got 9 then week 2/3 would usually be 7 and 5 reps. So my planned change is after each cycle to cap week 1 at the previous week 3s reps +2 and cap week 2 at +1 rep. This is close to leaving 2 reps in the tank for week 1 and 1 in the tank for week 2 and week 3 is always AMRAP.

Example reps on + sets
Cycle1: 10/9/8 (using 85% TM you can get about 8 reps on week 3)
Cycle2: 10/9/7 (Didn’t get 8 on week 3 so -1 rep on week1/2 next cycle)
Cycle3: 9/8/7


If I’m in a PR part of my program, I go for a PR set and usually stop there.


In Beyond Jim says it’s acceptable to cap PR sets at 10, 8, & 5. This is in the section on Jokers. That’s the only place I’ve found any mention of not doing a PR set.

The purpose of a PR set is to set a PR. Every 3 weeks you’re adding 10lbs to lower body lifts and 5lbs to upper body lifts. It won’t take long till your PR sets are under 10 reps. I say keep pushing yourself to new PRs. No one improves by staying comfortable.


I might just keep what I’m doing then, capping at 10 reps which means week 1 is not a PR set but eventually it will be, but not for long as I plan to reset every 6 cycles.


What you do on your last set is entirely dependent on what you are doing/which program you are doing.

If the program calls for 5’s PRO, you do 5 reps. If you do a PR set, you go for a PR.