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Max Reps in WS4SB?

Just started westside for skinny bastards this week and on the friday workout it says do 3 sets of max reps for the repetition lift. Should I increase the weight on each set or keep it the same and do I go to almost failure on each set? also what kind of rep range should I be aiming for? just wondered what you guys that have done this programme already got the best results with.

I believe in the WSFSB3 you can either do 3 x max reps or 4 x 12 reps. Eitherway, I’d go with ramped sets with the top set for max reps in the 10-15 range.

You get multiple options. Check Elitefts or Defranco’s own site perhaps, there is some article on the RE method as it pertains to ws4sb as well as rest-periods etc…