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Max Rack Pull Challenge - Cash Prize

Sounds super dumb but super fun lol.

Most I’ve ever racked pulled was 4 plates a long time ago when I was an ego lifter near the start of my lifting.

Don’t really fancy a go at this but if anyone wants a go at 1300 bucks

If I tried this grip would probably be the limiting factor because I hook grip mostly nowadays. What would be your guys’ limit weight or limiting factor?

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No dudes who do rack pulls, or Richard Sorin fans around here?

When I was younger I really admired and tried to copy this guy. I even had that moustache at one point.

too bad this thread hasn’t gotten any traction, just now seeing it.

I could probably do something in the 800-850 lbs range. I don’t believe grip would be my limiting factor, I’ve deadlifted 800 on a frame that had smooth handles, and a lower pick height. ‘strength’ would be the limiting factor, lol.

With a proper deadlift bar, you’d get a lot of whip involved at 800+ lbs and the distance to travel would be minimal. I might actually be underestimating how much I could do on this.

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My gym owners would sue my ass if I tried to do max rack pulls with the proper deadlift bar at the gym


Pay it off with the prize money

Yeah I’d prolly break even with 1000. Maybe I’ll replace it with a titan deadlift bar and save even more.

I see tacky isn’t outside the rules…

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So more grips?

I haven’t done rackpulls from above my knees in years (sticking point is lower for me), but I’m curious to see what I could do.

We have a bent bar and if i see you not using it for rack pulls I tend to get mean.

I don’t care if “I’m not going past 225” cool story bro, read the sign, use the bent bar.

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Yeah, my gyms got several beater bars for rack pulls, so yeah they’d def get mad if I used the deadlift bar

The best is when you see some fucker take away the shitty bar. Take a walk to the other side of the gym and take the Eleiko and come back for rack pulls. Bonus points for also taking bumpers. Double bonus points for using them to stand on while rack pulling.


I know that feel lol

I dunno why some gyms (Dohertys lol) will go to the trouble of buying a couple of grand worth of sexy bars and then just lets people fuck that shit up doing stupid shit. There’s plenty of generic bars to do that stuff with

Hey guys, I know this is a slightly older thread, but I gotta know - does anyone incorporate rack pulls into their regular training routine? If so, how does one go about doing rack pulls without coming off like an ego lifting, attention-seeking jackass?

My upper back isn’t as thick as i’d like it to be, and these are probably one of the best moves out there for that.

I do them often. To answer all of your questions see above.

Don’t force yourself into an optimal position, if the rack is set right below the knees, start the pull from where you’d normally be when the bar is right below the knees, don’t start where you’re leveraged to pull more weight.


Do you think they offer advantage over a block pull? I could see the breaking the weight being more difficult as you won’t get the plates leaving the floor from the inside first and the outer plates last (more of a step function, than a ramp).

I have always done block pulls because I don’t want to damage bars, and didn’t see much benefit to the rack compared to the block.


I didn’t even think about block pulls. I might do this instead of rack pulls because I can make the height match rack pulls, but without feeling like I’m egregiously slamming the weights around whilst half-repping deadlifts (it just looks bad)

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I could see there being benefit to the rack pull if you wanted a complete step function like force curve off the floor. That is about it though, and I am not strong enough to think I need something that specific. A rack pull at the same height should be a tad harder than a block cause of that.

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I would only be using it to increase back thickness. I have no intent of using it to boost deadlifting prowess, but I would certainly never turn down any added bonuses to my DL numbers :wink:

Either way, I dont have anything absurd for deadlift numbers and would hate to be the douchebag pulling ~600+ lbs from the pins. That shit is way too damn loud. I might do it at the home gym, provided I could find more 45’s though lol

For a couple years I did shrugs from rack pull at my knees and then finished with a few sets adding weight and doing rack pulls. Sort of a pre-exhausting the traps before rack pulls.

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