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max protein per meal?

i’ve read in certain places that say that its bad for your kidneys if you ingest more than 50-60 grams of protein per meal (every 2 hours or so). and then i read some training sites that say that for massive eating you should be taking in 80 grams per meal? is there a limit?

High protein diets have been found to be hard on the kidneys only in people who already have kidney disease. People have mistaken this to mean that high protein diets are bad for healthy kidneys too. But my understanding is that subsequent studies on people with healthy kidneys have not shown this to be the case. I do know that there are no studies that show healthy kidneys being damaged by large amounts of protein.

There has been some discussion about how much protein the body can utilize from one meal, but I don’t know if there is any research on that, but I don’t think many people have reached that amount if it exists.

I haven’t checked the forum archives for this, but I am sure it has probably been discussed to death already.

The limit for me is imposed by my wallet only.

As far as I know thelimit the body can ingest/use at once is around 50 g. I am not 100 hundred % sure onm this but I have heard it before a few times on the forum.
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There is no definitive answer to this question…I do fine with as much as 80 grams per meal…

im with axy on this one.
If in doubt keep the serve size down and have more meals. You are allowed to eat more than 6 meals!

I usually have an entire cow in one sitting. I’d ballpark it at just under 40,000g protein. My kidneys feel fine, but all the skin, bones, and hooves are a little unsightly on my kitchen floor.

I’ll chime in on about 50gm or so per meal. I’ve read several articles that state after about 50gm the body can’t absorb it and will burn it as fuel or store it as fat - check out:

Don’t worry about this, just eat as much protein as you feel comfortable eating. Just keep in mind the total caloric value as it pertains to your goals. Dr. DiPasquale has said that there have been numerous studies on this and none have proven the “too much at one seating” theory. If you are going to eat say 5x100g protein meals, be aware that’s 2000calories. If you weigh175lbs and you’ve worked out that you require only 2400 calories on the diet you are presently on, that leaves only 400 calories for fat and carbs. In this scenario you’d be better off eating less protein at your meals, not because it’s safer, or because there’s a physiological limit, but so you can fit in your other macronutrient needs without overshooting your total caloric needs.

I hope JMB addresses this. I thought I remember reading that for P+C meals to eat about 60-80g of protein (maybe this is for bulking) and for P+F meals to eat +80g. I could be wrong. I generally get 60g or more of protein per meal and eat 7 meals/day. If you’re only eating 50g max then it would very hard I imagine to get 2.0g-2.5g protein per lb. if you were over 225 lbs. How many people eat 9 evenly spaced meals?

it has more to do with the idea of spacing your meals through the day than trying to cram them all into one. go to the sumo diet article for help and just eat 50 prots 8X/day instead of 100 4X/day.

There is no max amount of protein your body can digest. There is no research that suggests there is one, and there’s no anedoctal evidence either. I’ve ate as much as 0.5 kg of red meat in one sitting, and although I can assure you it sat around my digestive system for quite some time, I guarantee that I absorbed every single gram of it. This has been discussed a lot of times so a search would’t be a bad ideia.