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Hello fellow t-maggers
i was wondering what everyones opinion of the max-ot program those of u who know it know that it focuses on rep range 4-6 with lots of basic exercises,the developers of the sports science company swear by this and so do most of there readers.so if any one has used this program id like 2 hear some results or general stats. cheers


I’m ALWAYS skeptical (and most people on this site have agreed in the past), when someone pushes a program as “THE” program instead of “a” program. As T.C. and Chris have said over and over in the past, almost any program will work AND give you results FOR A TIME.

I personally think that LaCour, Willett and Farnsworth are cool guys who work hard. HOWEVER, “Max-OT” would make for a good ADJUNCT to an overall periodized program; not as the “end all and only” program anyone should ever use. NO program is so all encompassing and universal.

Hope this helps!

I used the program for about 14 weeks and I had some of the best results of any program I have tried…However, there are some drawbacks: First, I am a fast-twitch fiber kind of guy (aka lower reps usually work better for me), my arms or cavles (which usually like twice a week higher rep ranges) didn’t do nearly as well as the rest of my body, and my toward the end I seperated my shoulder twice (while doing insainly heavy db presses), tore my left bicep, and tricep. So would I recommend it? Sure, but keep recovery in mind and I would recommend some time off every 8-10 weeks not 12. Best of luck.